Sugar Free

Be free, be sugar free

Element Refreshes

Refresh yourself today and Live Life

Contains Vitamins and Minerals

Keep healthy and live life to the full

Element is Endorsed

Element is endorsed by Diabetes SA and the Low GI Foundation. The preferred choice.

Element is for Everyone

Element is for people from all walks of life, because everyone should live life to the full, every day

Comes in Six Fantastic Flavours

Give your taste buds their flavour of choice with four flavours to choose from.

Get your Element today

Get your Element today and Live Life

Element is available nationwide

Element is stocked nationally by a variety of stores and restaurants.


Sugar Free

Element is completely sugar free and diabetic friendly providing you the healthy alternative.

Contains Vitamins and Minerals

In today’s rushed lifestyle, many suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Element contains a wide scope of vitamins and minerals, helping replenish your body and keep you healthy so you can live life to the full!

Six Fantastic Flavours

Element currently comes in six fantastic flavours, giving your taste buds a taste sensation!

Black Elixir

Black Elixir

Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice



Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries





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Spectrum of Vitamins and Minerals
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"Before I tried Element I was sceptic about a sugar free vitamin water regarding the taste, but due to my healthy lifestyle I decided to try it. All that I can say is wow! I have found my new favourite drink, packed with flavour, Element!!!"

− Tania, Elemental

"I am always looking and trying new things healthy. When I saw the brand I knew I had to try it. And have never looked back! Element for life!"

− Elizabeth, Elemental

"As an expert working in the film industry and health fanatic, I one day saw Element and decided to give it a go. With the flavour and sugar free content, I can honestly say I have found a winner!"

− Chris, Elemental

Live Life To The Full

Drink Element, the healthy alternative and Live Life to the full. When freedom calls, will you answer?

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Element is now available nationally at a wide variety of stores. Don’t be left out when freedom calls. Answer the call, drink Element and Live Life!


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