Great Taste

Sugar Free

Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals


Element sugar free beverage is a Zero Kilojoule (calorie) vitamin enriched range of refreshing drinks. The product is aimed at the diet, sport and diabetic consumer and is endorsed by the Low GI Foundation & Diabetic Association (except the Arctic Ice flavour variant, due to the caffeine content). (South African Endorsement only)


A healthy alternative in the beverage sector was introduced to an ever-changing world. Comprising of the latest innovative elements emerging in the food and beverage industry, this product focuses on a healthy living. Taking all aspects into consideration, the idea was born to bring the product to market

Through extensive market research with the development of this brand, it was decided to include several essential Vitamins and Minerals that are needed in a fast paced environment. “Healthy” does not necessarily always mean “tasteless or bad” and thus the taste profile of the product was regarded as a main priority. Through hard work and dedication, with our panel of “professional tasters”, a product superior in taste was created.

Element has proved that healthy can also be enjoyable. After a two-year development phase, the product was launched in South Africa.


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